Research shows that students are more engaged and successful when they experience certain learning conditions, like caring relationships and schoolwork that feels personally and culturally relevant. For example, in a 2019 study, students who experienced positive learning conditions in a class were 30% more likely to earn an A or B in that class, and those benefits were pronounced for students of color. 

Elevate helps teachers use a student-centered, data-driven process to create engaging learning conditions in their own classrooms. To learn about each learning condition and the research behind it, check out the Elevate Learning Conditions & References.

Elevate helps educators learn and test numerous practices that qualify for ESSA Tiers 1–3. Elevate also qualifies for the ESSA Innovation Tier (4) because it helps educators test their own innovations to identify what works for their own students. 

The papers below provide a more extensive conceptual review of relevant research: