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What are your privacy and security policies?

We take privacy extremely seriously because it’s the law, and because it’s the right thing to do! Our legally-binding privacy policy can be found at, and our terms of use are at Our technical security measures are described at

Our strict privacy policy is specifically designed to meet the requirements spelled out in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and hundreds of schools and colleges around the United States have implemented PERTS programs under the legal coverage provided by our privacy policy. Under the “school official” exemption in FERPA, schools can share identifiable information with an individual or organization that is acting in the capacity of a school official. To qualify as a school official under FERPA, the individual or organization must be acting on behalf of the school, must keep the information confidential, must only use that information for the purposes approved by the school, and must enable the school to control that information. For example, the school must be allowed to review, change, or delete the personal information. Under no circumstance can the information be shared with third parties without the schools’ permission. The PERTS privacy policy meets all of those requirements. Read it at

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