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What’s the impact of Elevate?

Elevate is a professional learning tool that helps motivated instructors improve their practice and cultivate academic engagement, success, and equity. To facilitate these improvements, Elevate:

  • Makes it easy for instructors to use valid surveys to learn how students experience their teaching.

  • Gives instructors practical, research-based recommendations for improvement. 

  • Enables instructors to quickly test the impact of the new practices they try, so that instructors can determine for themselves what works for their teaching style and their students. 

We’re proud to offer instructors this powerful combination of support. But at the end of the day, Elevate is just a tool. The real engine improving student experiences are the instructors who reflect on the feedback their students give them, experiment with new practices, and persist through challenges. While this work can be challenging, especially when student feedback isn’t initially as positive as teachers might have hoped, the impact for students can be transformative.

Fortunately, these challenges have nothing on the instructors who use Elevate! Because, let’s face it, these instructors are pretty special. Here are some details:

  • More than 75% of instructors improved classroom learning conditions when they used Elevate over multiple cycles of inquiry and action, and those learning conditions are significant predictors of academic engagement, success, and equity.

  • Some teams of educators shifted learning conditions dramatically. For example, one school’s Elevate team doubled the percentage of Black and Latinx students who felt a sense of belonging in their classes. Another school’s science department increased by 56% the share of Black and Latinx students who felt like their identities were affirmed in class.

  • Check out some case studies at or watch educators talk about their Elevate experiences in our growing video gallery. (Please send us your own videos if you have an Elevate story to share!)

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