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Will I get a custom data report describing the impact of Growth Mindset for 9th Graders at my school?

From the inception of Growth Mindset for 9th Graders in 2017-2018 through the 2021-2022 school year, PERTS offered high-quality, informative data reports following participation, free of charge. While we were proud to provide this information to schools, beginning in 2022-2023, we no longer provide custom reports for Growth Mindset for 9th Graders.

We’re pleased to share that since the inception of Growth Mindset for 9th Graders in 2017, we have seen overwhelming evidence that participation shows robust and remarkably consistent impacts on students’ mindsets in nearly 100% of schools with meaningful participation (at least 30 students).

Schools interested in evaluating the program’s impact on students’ academic outcomes, such as course pass rates, retention, academic engagement metrics, etc., can download a list of identifiers, along with progress markers, for all students who begin the program within the past four years. Those identifiers can then be linked to the school’s own academic records to see if previously documented impact is realized for their own students.

Finally, schools invested in promoting a growth mindset may be excited to try out Elevate, an evidence-based professional learning program from PERTS. Elevate helps teachers partner with their students to create conditions that catalyze motivation, accelerate learning, and foster social-emotional development. Learn more at

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