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Help! A participant can't access the survey.

If a participant is unable to access a PERTS survey, here are a few solutions to try:

  • Confirm the participant has the correct participation code (typically 4 characters) for the Class/Group. Each Class/Group has a unique participation code. For example, Ms. Jones, English 1, P2, has a different participation code than Ms. Jones, English 1, P3.

  • Confirm the identifier the participant is using matches the one in the Class/Group Roster. If there are discrepancies, ensure the Roster is corrected or the participant enters the correct identifier. For example, ensure the correct email address domain is being used (e.g., is different from

  • If the Roster is locked, confirm the participant is on the Roster or unlock the Roster if you anticipate several participants are not on the Roster.

  • Suggest the participant restart their device or take the survey in an incognito window, another browser, or another internet-connected device (tablet, laptop, computer).

  • Finally, if the participant experiences issues accessing the website, a firewall may be blocking access to the site. Refer to this article to test your network access and provide your IT department with guidance on how to resolve the issue.

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