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What enhancements were made to Ascend for 2022-2023?

In 2021, we made a number of updates to Ascend to allow for greater flexibility and ease of use. For example, we introduced “roster locking,” participation dashboards, and a robust support portal. For 2022-23, we’ve built on these features in significant ways:

  • We made student access to the survey easier, and more precise. 

    • Sign-On Types & Sign-On Rules help specify student identifiers and even generate a custom message to students when they access the survey so students know exactly what to enter.

    • Google Single Sign OnStudents can now use their Google accounts to authenticate and access the survey.

    • Class Names are piped into the survey so students are reminded to respond to the Ascend survey for a specific class. For example, when the Class name is “Prof. Fenton – US History,” students will see “This question is about Prof. Fenton – US History,” before each question.

  • We made it easier to be a Community Lead.

    • Defaults in a CommunityHave you ever created a new Class and forget to set its schedule? Now, you can set a Default Schedule that all new Classes will inherit. Defaults are available for Class settings, survey schedules, and survey questions.

    • Community PinsDo you want to call attention to a specific Community or don’t want to scroll through several Communities to find the one you’re looking for? Now, you can pin specific Communities so it appears at the top of your list or at the top of Members’ lists.

    • Resend Member invitations: Community Leads can keep track of which Members have accepted an invitation to join Ascend. And, when a Member hasn’t accepted their invitation, Community Leads can easily resend invitations.

    • New Class Card DesignClass settings are easier to view, and now you can make updates quickly by just clicking on the icons.

  • The ever-evolving support portal includes updates, new videos, and additional protocols to support you in different stages of Ascend implementation. 

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