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Help! I’m having trouble accessing Elevate, Ascend, or Catalyze.

If an error occurs when attempting to verify your registration, log into the platform, or open a link for a forgotten password, complete a network test to identify the issue (instructions below). We also include troubleshooting guidance below that may be helpful for your school or organization’s IT department.

Note: If participants are having trouble accessing the survey, please refer to: Help! A participant can’t access the survey.

Complete a Network Test

  1. Visit

  2. Click Run Test

    1. If a message appears stating “Everything works great!” but you still cannot access any PERTS programs, reach out to

    2. If a message appears describing an error or timeout, please forward that message to your school or organization’s IT Department along with the link to this article or the text below.

Guidance for School and Organization IT Departments

  1. PERTS uses Firebase (a Google product) for authentication with Ascend, Catalyze, and Elevate, regardless of whether an individual clicks the “Sign in with Google” button or the “Sign in with email” button.

  2. PERTS has assisted several school districts overcome network issues. In most cases, network issues arose as a result of the school district applying a web content filtering tool that was misconfigured to block Firebase code from loading.

  3. Please use Google Chrome, open the developer console, and run the network test

  4. You may see an error that looks similar to ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING (usually it is pertaining to “”) which indicates that content filtering on your network is likely the issue. Please configure your network to allow all content from the relevant domains.

  5. You may see timeouts or failed connections, which may indicate that your network firewall is blocking PERTS domains. Please configure your firewall to allow the relevant domains.

  6. Please reach out to with any further questions.

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