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How can I improve learning conditions? (Ascend)

The first step to improving learning conditions is to review your Ascend report to get a better understanding of how your students are experiencing your class. For suggestions about how to prioritize which learning conditions to work on improving first, check out this article that describes various approaches to starting your improvement journey.

Once you’ve decided on 1-3 learning conditions you’ll prioritize improving, click Learn strategies in your report for each learning condition to access recommendations relevant to improving that learning condition (see below). You can also access the full set of strategies at

Try out these new strategies in your class for a few weeks before surveying your students again. In this time, you may also meet with a Community of Practice of other faculty members who are also using Ascend to share ideas. Additionally, this may be a good time to share your Ascend data with your students to get their input on strategies that may support them related to each learning condition.

Survey your students again to see how their experience has changed. Adjust your approach based on your data, and continue working to improve!

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