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Student Reflections on Instructors Implementing Ascend

research report published in July 2022 following a 6-college cohort of the Student Experience Project (SEP) found:

  • Students’ self-reported experiences of their learning environments in SEP courses were strongly and positively associated with grade outcomes. 

  • As students’ experiences became more positive over the term, their likelihood of earning an A or B in the course increased, and their likelihood of earning a D, F, or W (formally withdrawing from the course) decreased.

Ascend helps instructors systematically gather feedback from students to understand if they are experiencing critical learning conditions and partner with them to determine practice changes that will maximize their learning environment. 

In the videos below, students from various colleges and universities share how instructors used Ascend in their classrooms and had a meaningful impact on their well-being and academic outcomes.

A. Arturo Tovar & Toneisha Tucker, Sacramento City College

In this Ascend Showcase video, sophomores Arturo Tovar and Toneisha Tucker from Sacramento City College reflect on the equity-focused grading philosophy that Professor Rachel Spangler used in her English classes.


B. Addison Jones, University of Toledo
In this Ascend Showcase video, Addison Jones, a freshman from the University of Toledo, recounts her struggles with dyslexia and how Ascend provided her an opportunity to share her experiences and gain a higher sense of belonging in the classroom to create a lasting relationship with her professor.

C. Iyana Bradford, Cypress College
In this Ascend Showcase video, Iyana Bradford, a freshman from Cypress College, shares her appreciation for how her professor used the Ascend survey to promote identity safetysocial belonging, and self-efficacy with her students.

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