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Use Ascend to Strengthen Your Teaching Portfolio

Teaching portfolios give instructors an opportunity to showcase their skills, growth, and impact in the classroom. Many instructors incorporate Ascend data into their portfolios in order to demonstrate progress toward their professional goals and impact. Doing so can help instructors strengthen their portfolios in ways that benefit:

  • Teaching evaluations

  • Tenure reviews

  • Professional development requirements and/or certifications

Are you currently in an evaluation year or tenure review? Consider using this resource to integrate your Ascend experience into your portfolio, and see below for more concrete ideas and examples.

For example, instructors can:

  • Align professional goals with specific learning condition(s) and, in their portfolios, include screenshots of Ascend graphs and tables that demonstrate growth over time in those learning conditions. 

  • Share qualitative data from Ascend reports that describe how students experience the learning environment in their classroom. For example, you may provide examples of constructive feedback from your students and explain how you’ve used their feedback to shift your teaching.

  • Correlate Ascend data with student outcomes, such as DWF rates, retention, grades, and attendance, by documenting any notable improvements.

  • Share anecdotes and stories from your improvement journey. Personal narratives can provide context to the data and make your portfolio more compelling. 

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