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Orientation to the Members Page

The Members page includes every individual member of a Community and summarizes each Member’s profile, like roles/permissions, Classes, and account activation. From this page, new members can be added/removed and profiles can be updated.

  1. Filter - The filter box can be used to filter by name or email address to locate the profile of a specific Member. 

  2. Sort - The sort option allows sorting across various aspects of a Member’s profile, like their first name, email address, # of Classes, Lead status, and whether they’ve accepted the invitation to activate their account. You may use the sort function to identify Community Lead(s) or you might sort by “Invitation Accepted” to view which members haven’t yet activated their accounts, for example. 

  3. Add Members - Click to invite new Members with just their email address.

  4. Edit Members - Community Leads can edit Members’ profiles within a Community. The Edit Members button provides a menu of options that can be applied to one or more selected Community Members. 

  5. Member Card - Each Member’s profile in a Community is contained in a “Member Card.” The settings in a Member Card include the following:

Enter or edit a Member’s name.

# Class(es)

Indicates the number of Classes where the Member is indicated as the Class Lead.

Indicates that a Member has not yet activated their account; clicking the button will (re)send an invitation with instructions to the Member.

Community Lead status - a dark background with the text “community lead” indicates the Member is a Community Lead.

Community Pins - a dark background with the text “this community pinned” indicates the Community is pinned on the Member’s homepage.

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