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What are participants asked on the survey?

The article below describes the content of the surveys. How Can I Preview the Survey? provides instructions to preview a custom survey.

Learning / Organizational Conditions

The primary focus of Ascend, Catalyze and Elevate surveys is to understand how individuals are experiencing their environment, specifically, the extent to which they are experiencing critical learning/organizational conditions.

The documents linked below describe the conditions measured by each program, as well as the specific questions that participants are asked:

Fidelity Questions

Each time a participant takes a survey, they are asked one of two fidelity questions to ensure they understand the purpose of the survey and feel comfortable answering the questions honestly.  

  • All Programs: “I feel comfortable answering these questions honestly.”

  • Ascend: “My instructor will try to use my answers to this survey to make class better for me.”

  • Catalyze: “Leaders at [class name] will use my answers to this survey to make things better for me and my students.”

  • Elevate: “My teacher will try to use my answers to this survey to make class better for me.”

Demographic Questions

The first time participants complete the survey, they are asked a few demographic questions that enable us to disaggregate data in different ways (e.g., to show whether girls/women or boys/men experience their environment differently).

Research Questions (Elevate Only)

From time to time, PERTS will add questions to the survey in order to collect research data. In 2022-23, PERTS is conducting an ESSA Tier-3 Study to gather evidence on which actions lead to improvement in Elevate data. Beginning November 14th, 2022 two questions (below) will be added to the end of 2022-23 Elevate survey to gather evidence for this study. Each participant will only see one of the two questions when they take the survey.

  • My teacher has talked with my class about our responses to this survey.

  • My teacher has asked my class for ideas about how to make our class better.

The answers to these questions will not appear in reports in 2022-23. These items may appear in the fidelity section of reports beginning Fall 2023, if it’s determined that they help predict improvements in 2022-23 data.

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