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Do I have to register for Social-Belonging for College Students every year?

No! Beginning in the 2023-24 school year, we changed our registration process so schools do not need to register each year. Once you set up Social-Belonging for College Students for 2023-24 or later, you may use the program indefinitely and can use the same participation code year after year.

When PERTS launched Social-Belonging for College Students in 2017, we worked hard to incorporate design elements that would ensure the most effective implementation, like closing and relaunching the program each year to ensure it would be implemented at the beginning of a school year when students are in the midst of a significant transition to college.

While we continue to care deeply about implementing Social-Belonging for College Students with fidelity, we also value our partners’ experiences and have made changes to streamline the implementation process and no longer require registration and setup each year.

We trust our partners, many of whom have implemented Social-Belonging for College Students since its inception, will follow the guidance we provide in the Program Information Packet to maximize effectiveness & impact for students.

Notably, to understand student participation, you may still download a list of identifiers for all students who begin the program, and filter by date range for up to four years.

Finally, schools invested in promoting belonging and growth mindset may be excited to try out Ascend, PERTS’ latest higher education program. Ascend helps colleges systematically measure and improve key learning conditions using evidence-based recommendations; real time, disaggregated feedback; and guided professional learning communities. Visit to learn how your college can use Ascend to measure and improve student experience.

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